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Most people have house insurance to protect them in case of fire, flood or storm. We take out travel insurance when we go overseas, just in case. And your car is covered by third party property and hopefully comprehensive insurance. But are you covered if your son or daughter holds a party and half of Melbourne turns up at your front door for free beer and food?


Well, there might not be such a thing as party insurance, but you can take one simple step to ensure that your next party or gathering is a hassle free event. Hire security.

We all hear the horror stories of birthday party’s gone bad, neighbours going on holidays only to return to the burglary of their most prized possessions or small business owners suffering multiple thefts over a short period of time.


As one of the leading security companies in Victoria, we provide superior party security in Victoria for managing any special events or function held in your premises. Our honest, diligent and experienced team of security personnel are well-trained to manage any kind of unruly behavior or incidents occurring during your parties or functions.


We can help in preventing unknown visitors or guests from crashing your parties, monitor vehicle parking and traffic arrangements, or even respond proactively to any emergency situations by taking the best course of action. Whether you are planning for any special event at home or outside, you can be rest assured of having the best party security in Victoria by choosing our services. 


Don’t become a statistic. Prevention is far better than the consequences of non-action. LineWatch is encouraging everyone to take five minutes to assess their security needs for the coming year. Do you live on a large rural property without contact with your neighbours? Are you planning a large social event? Do you have a retail outlet where theft is a major concern? Is your commercial property being vandalised every weekend? Are you sick and tired of being the victim of ongoing breaches of your personal security?


LineWatch is currently enlisting the help of every community in Victoria to reduce the unnecessary consequences that occur due to breaches of everyone’s safety and security. Security affects every member of the community and should be a number one priority. LineWatch are dedicated to ensuring the safety of every Victorian as part of their ongoing daily roles.


How do they achieve what most other security companies fail to provide? LineWatch employ only the very best and highly dedicated security specialists. And just because they are specialists, it does not mean that you pay a premium. LineWatch are committed to protecting everyone. Security is a not a singular service – it needs to integrate with your existing budget, business, company or event requirements.


LineWatch specialise in all areas of security. Their dedicated team has the accumulated and wide ranging experience to ensure that you receive a specialised service – every single time. LineWatch and their employees are so committed to their assignments, they are happy to discuss any aspect of their company or the services that they provide.


Call Linewatch today on 1300 783 613 to discuss your security concerns and find out how easy and cost effective security can be for any situation.

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